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ILBA History

ILBA Fishing Lures: spinners specialist since 1960.


ILBA was born in Bergamo in the sixties, from the idea of two fishermen, Nicola Premi known as Lino and his son Claudio who decided to try and turn their passion into a job.


The two mainly fished in the rivers of the Bergamo area, especially in the Brembo in the Brembana Valley, where Nicola was born and worked for years at the old hydroelectric plant of San Giovanni Bianco, actually finding himself living on the river. Nicola used to self-build spinning spoons for his fishing, starting from tins of preserves already in the years from 1935 to 1940 and he then passed on this passion and ability to his son who, in his early twenties, decided to try to make a trade out of it.


With great commitment and sacrifice, ILBA was therefore founded, which for more than sixty years has been an all-Italian reality of spinning fishing and subsequently specialized in the creation of lures for other fishing disciplines, both in freshwater and at sea.


To this day, ILBA Lures are still built with the same passion and craftsmanship that Lino put into them, who is remembered with the undulating "Linus" that bears his name, and which he handed down to his son. And now we are in the third generation, with his grandchildren Marco and Luca who continue the family tradition, in the name of quality, constructive honesty, craftsmanship and true Made in Italy.



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