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Welcome to the ILBA Fishing Lures Store, where you'll find fishing lures designed to deliver exceptional performance and successful catches in sport fishing. Our extensive range of artificial lures is crafted to meet the needs of passionate anglers, ensuring quality, versatility, and positive results.

Why Choose ILBA Artificial Lures:

Italian Design: Each ILBA lure is the result of refined and precision Italian design, meticulously crafted to maximize attractiveness and performance.

High-Quality Materials: We use only high-quality materials to ensure the durability and effectiveness of our lures in any fishing situation.

Versatility: From spinning to trolling, our artificial lures are designed to adapt to various fishing techniques and aquatic environments.

Wide Selection of Models: With a vast range of colors, sizes, and styles, you'll find the perfect lure to attract a variety of fish species.

Within our different departments, you'll discover the entire range of ILBA spinners, undulating spoons, Spinnerbaits, Mort Manie rigs, and a wide selection of lures components for building custom baits and many other fishing accessories.

We also have a dedicated section for fly fishermen, featuring over 800 imitation models and a selection of materials for self-construction.

Explore our ILBA artificial lures collection and elevate your fishing experience today. Choose the quality and excellence that only ILBA can offer!

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The ILBA fishing spinners range guarantees the perfect bait for all fishing situations in rivers, lakes and streams, satisfying the needs of the most demanding anglers. Our spinners have Treble Hook VMC 9649 as default but they are available also with Barbless treble and single hooks.

ILBA Spoons Dentex, Blitz and Linus ILBA for trolling fishing in the sea and microspoons for spinning in streams and lakes.

ILBA components for the construction of customized fishing lures. Blades, bodies, small parts, split rings, hooks and everything you need for the self-construction of fishing baits.

Artificial Fishing Flies ILBA. Over 800 models to satisfy even the most demanding fly fisherman. We have a wide variety of models to effectively target any species of fish in any type of water. All our flies are made by specialized personnel, using only the highest quality fly tying materials.

Below are some examples of our production of fishing lures: to see the complete line of fishing tackle ILBA select the specific product category.


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