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The ILBA Video Gallery offers you the reviews of the ILBA lures tested in the field by our collaborators, and the technical tests in a special tank

that simulates the current of a river, to verify the correct behavior of the reels during fishing. 

Official YouTube channel ILBA
TV Show "Passione artificiale 2020" - ILBA Factory History


Tv Show on Italian Sky Network introducing ILBA history and how are made our lures.

RECKLESS+ introduced by 'Lallo' Cattaneo


Our Pro-Team collaborator 'Lallo' Cattaneo presents the new Spinners Reckless+ dedicated to big predators such as pike, zander, bass and catfish.

Top 5 spinners ILBA by Alberto Stream Angler


Video review of our tester Alberto's favorite ILBA spinners

Micro Spoon SNAKE


Very popular lure in fishing competitions and Trout Area Game, the new micro spoons SNAKE is the last born from ILBA Factory. Armed with special Japanese Hooks Vanfook SP-41ZERO barbless, ILBA SNAKE is available in size 1 grams, with 14 colours combinations.

Spinners ROBIN


ROBIN is the last born into ILBA Family and is an evolution of classic Spinners "Tondo". With a greater weight than model Tondo, it allows the fisherman to work at greater depths with a very fast sinking and an immediate rotation.

Spinners Spark ILBA


The new lure Spark is a spinners with particularly bright and captivating colours. It is suitable for medium-light spinning and it is available in 26 different colors matching, painted with specials "pearlescent" varnishes.



ILBA LUNGO Silver/Alpha n.3 in action! This lure has a fast rotation that starts as soon as the spinner enters into water. Alpha Label has a big refractive power of the light, making the bait very bright and visible.



The classic spinners TONDO with a special decoration Pink Fluo, perfect for every conditions.



A spoon LINUS in action: a special undulating and swaying gait simulates a fish in trouble.

RECKLESS ILBA, the aggressive spinner


New RECKLESS ILBA: the aggressive spinner for the big game! Perfect black bass fishing, big trouts and large salmonids.



The union from a classic spinner Tondo and a bright small octopus in soft silicon.



Soft polyvinyl imitation of an eel. In white or red, it is successfully used both in the sea and in freshwater.

Spinners with Minnows ILBA


Double attractive action: the classic spinner LUNGO with a soft realistic minnow colour red or natural. Available in six sizes, from 5 to 38 grams, this lure is particularly suitable for big predators.


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