Spinners ILBA Stream-R

New ILBA season 2019

ILBA Stream-R is the evolution of a concept that was already innovative. A condensation of ideas and tests that led to the creation of a single product with the best features that are sought in a spinner.

  • Instant Rotation of the blade thanks to the structure in axis

  • Optimal weight, studied to better manage the tumultuous currents and be more "in fishing"

  • Hammered blade that gives the Stream-R greater visibility without annoying the fish.

Specially designed for fishing in stream, river, lake, in classic sizes #2 (5 gr.) and #3 (7.5 gr.), is available with blade nickel or gold, in Full Metal version with fully metallic livery, Color version with body in bright colors, and Fluo with fluorescent colors particularly attractive in case of veiled or dark waters.

Spinners Stream-R Full Metal ILBA 

Stream-R is available armed with many Hook Options:

  • traditional VMC 9649 treble hook
  • barbless treble hook VMC 9648
  • single hook Nickel VMC 9170
  • single hook Black Nickel VMC 7239 with or without barb


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 vmc 9649
STANDARD Treble Hook
vmc 9648 barbless
Barbless Treble Hook
 Fiocco rosso su ancoretta
Red Tuft on hook


 VMC 7239 BN
Single Hook
Black Nickel
VMC 7239B BN
Barbless Single Hook
Black Nickel 
vmc 9170NI
Single Hook




Red Tube on
Standard Hook

Red Tube on
Barbless Hook