LUNGO pearl

Spinner ILBA Lungo Pearl

New spinner Lungo Pearl, with a narrow and faster rotation axis suitable for deeper waters,  has blades finished with a special pearlescent varnish that give to this lure a special brightness, like a pearl, making it irresistible for all predators.

ILBA Lungo Pearl is produced in 7 sizes, from 3 to 32 grams, with pink, blue, or black decoration. It is available with single or treble hooks.

Video spinners Lungo ILBA in azione
See how it works into water
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Lungo Pearl - Pink
Pearl / Pink
Lungo Pearl - Blue
Pearl / Blue
Lungo Pearl - Black
Pearl / Black



 vmc 9649
STANDARD Treble Hook
vmc 9648 barbless
Barbless Treble Hook
 Fiocco rosso su ancoretta
Red Tuft on hook


 VMC 7239 BN
Single Hook
Black Nickel
VMC 7239B BN
Barbless Single Hook
Black Nickel 
vmc 9170NI
Single Hook




Red Tube on
Standard Hook

Red Tube on
Barbless Hook


Tubefly Lemon
Tubefly Lemon 
Tubefly Orange
Tubefly Orange